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April 19, 2022

Importance of mould copper tube in industrial manufacture

Mould is an extremely key part in continuous casting production. Some people say it is the "heart" of continuous casting, and some people say it is the "head" of continuous casting machine. So its importance goes without saying. Indeed. Mold is an efficient heat exchanger in continuous casting process. It is also the mold of molten steel during solidification, which carries the heat of molten steel away through the flowing water. It can also purify the inclusions in molten steel. Therefore, continuous casting mold plays an irreplaceable role in continuous casting process. It's the core component. The quality of the mold determines the casting speed, the quality of the billet, in the mold this "core" part there is a more "core" part. That is -- crystallizer copper tube. It is the heart of the heart of the real caster.


Characteristics of crystallizer copper tube:
1. Good thermal conductivity, high recrystallization temperature
2. Thermal fatigue resistance, high strength
3. Good wear resistance and long service life
4. Resist chemical corrosion and heat erosion

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