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April 19, 2022

Hebei Iron and Steel Xuangang realized recycling of hot refining slag

Hebei news dispatch (reporter ya Zhu Weijiang Ren Jianbo) recently, in American standard SAE series wire rod production process, hebei iron and steel group, a steel rolling mill plant of xuanhua iron successful implementation of the LF furnace hot the recycling of refining slag technology, not only shorten refining smelting cycle, improved the molten steel purity, effectively reduce the cost of per ton steel 2.95 yuan, Both economic and environmental benefits have been achieved.

For a long time, the development of circular economy has always been regarded as the only way for the sustainable development of enterprises and the fundamental measure to change the mode of economic growth. Following the remarkable achievements in the secondary recovery and utilization of converter slag and gas recovery and comprehensive utilization, the plant further carried out the work of energy conservation and environmental protection, utilization of waste resources and exploitation of potential consumption reduction. In the recovery and utilization of refining slag, the influence of the recovery of refining slag on the air permeability of ladle, the change of slag layer, the desulfurization rate of slag, phosphorus recovery and so on was tracked and analyzed through the research and proof of hot refining slag. The slag folding process is adopted to extract the effective components from the residual steel slag after casting the molten steel of the continuous caster and put it back into the next ladle for refining before refining. In this way, it makes full use of the characteristics of high basicity, low oxidation and low melting point of large castings, and circulates the hot refining slag of LF furnace to replace part of the basic slag, reducing the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials such as white ash for refining, shortening the time of refining slagging, improving the refining effect, and turning the previously abandoned refining slag into treasure.

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